Grace Bible Church

Growing in Christ to Grow Others, Together

Growing in Christ to Grow Others, together.

Expository Preaching –Relevant messages from the Scriptures for the 21st century challenging the lost to grace and the saint to grow.
Mission Minded –Sending, supporting and recruiting missionaries for our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the World.
Educational Development –Expanding and developing the strengths of a quality teaching program for all ages and spiritual maturity.
Committed Discipleship –Instilling Biblical character through personal mentoring and utilizing vibrant small groups.
Spiritual Worship –Blending styles of classic worship offered in "Spirit and Truth" before an audience of One.
Faith Community –Based on care for "one another", activities are planned with purpose for every member of the Body.

We welcome you

From small groups to weekend meetups, Sunday school to Morning coffee for men and women, we have dozens
of opportunities for people to gather together in community weekly, encouraging one another closer to a life devoted to Christ.

This Sunday at Grace 

Almost Persuaded - Acts 26

“It is not the pain but the purpose that makes a martyr.”  Augustine

The testimony of Paul is questioned yet again!  From his persecutions by the Sanhedrin and then to Felix and then to Festus his trials end with an examination by Agrippa II.  Paul follows the same format we heard a few weeks ago about how to share our testimony – who I was – who Jesus is – what I am now in Christ!  Paul is clear about his past and how God saved him!  Festus declares him ‘mad’ and Agrippa complains that he is trying to convert him so quickly.  Sunday we will see the anger of the Jews, the curiosity of the Romans, the peace of the believers and the love of our Lord – all in one story!  Don’t miss it – Paul is preparing for his one way trip to Rome.  We must finish this journey together – see you Sunday.

Pastor Mike

“The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.” Tertullian

Gathering Times

Sundays at 9am & 10:30am